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Learn Of the wash completely free Musically followers Tricks

Jacob Sartorius is only past due. He confronted backed up through the studio, during which he does have two writers at human being panels churning off

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Jump Highway Fairfield – People Love Us on Yelp!

Thank you all, this is because of you!


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Women find friendship, fun and fitness on the trampoline

Women find friendship, fun and fitness on the trampoline

From page OSF3 | May 09, 2013 |

  FAIRFIELD — Forget walking. Swimming isn’t their cup of tea, either.

A group of women – only one is younger than 70 – just want to jump.

They do it every Tuesday morning. Jump Highway – located near Interstate 680 in Fairfield – offers time on the trampoline to those 60 and older in its Silver Jumpers class.

“This is so addicting,” said Lynne Locke. “Once you start, it’s amazing.”

The idea for a trampoline class for seniors came from Jump Highway owner Linda Frye’s desire to combat the effects of aging.

“As we age, one of the first things we lose is our balance,” she said.

That’s where the trampoline and exercise routine developed by instructor Liz Magalong enter the picture. The workout is designed to strengthen the muscles in the torso, enabling the women to stand straight.

It also focuses on bringing more flexibility to the hips.

“Watch the way young girls walk,” Frye said. Class participants aren’t necessarily looking for swagger, just more freedom of movement.

“The older we get the more we collapse on ourself,” said Magalong, a pilates instructor. The class is like a standing version of pilates, she said.

During class, Magalong has the participants check their heart rate a few times. It’s not a competition to be the best in class. The goal is to gain more strength and confidence, Magalong said.

Instruction involves a series of movements, ranging from moving one’s feet to create a figure-eight while walking up and down the trampoline to doing the twist.

“We are women. We can do it. We do 20,000 things a day,” Magalong told the group.

Suezane Melikian, 78, remarked how her health has changed since she started the class, which began in September.

“I’ve had a lot of health problems,” she said. “Things are improving. I am so much happier. I’m not afraid of falling and I’m not in as much pain.”

Betsy Martin, 72, said she’s received numerous benefits from being a Silver Jumper. Her medical history includes two foot surgeries, a knee replacement, breast cancer and a back surgery to keep her from having to use a wheelchair.

The strengthening enabled her to stand straight, translating to an additional half-inch in height.

She also had lymphedema, which causes fluid retention.

“As we get older, your lymphatic system gets more sluggish,” Frye said. The regular exercise stimulated Martin’s lymphatic system to the point that she’s no longer swollen.

The women enjoy each other’s company in class. Almost as much fun is explaining to family and friends what the class is like. Jumpers Jean Kelly and Locke had doubts when they first heard about the Silver Jumpers.

“I said there was no way (I was going to do it),” Kelly said. “I didn’t want to break a hip.”

Diane Williams travels from Hercules to be part of the group. She got a taste of the jumping life at a grandchild’s birthday party. Then she wanted more and called Jump Highway for more information.

“I love it,” Williams said. “It makes you feel so good. You feel so light.”

Williams has lost 50 pounds recently and finds the class a great way to keep the weight off.

“I don’t care how old you are, you need to play like a kid,” Frye said. “This allows us to do this as adults.”

“There’s hope. You can change your physical body, even at this age,” Magalong said.

Men are welcome to join the Silver Jumpers, which meets at 10 a.m. Tuesdays at 455 Lopes Road, Fairfield. More information is available by calling 202-5800 or by visiting

Reach Amy Maginnis-Honey at 427-6957 Follow her on Twitter at

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Happy Holidays Family & Friends, On Friday afternoon The Riley 100 Challenge officially turned over 208 gifts, which includes $245 worth of gift cards to EMQ FamiliesFirst! Thank you Jesus!! We would like to thank all of you for your support and prayers. Special thanks to Rolling Hills Elementary, Green Valley Middle, North Hills Christian, Solano County Public Defender’s Office, Round Table Pizza, Graphic Expression, Daly Republic, KUIC Radio, Vallejo Times Herald and Jump Highway!

(L-R) Siblings Khalil Riley, Nia Riley, and Devin Riley stand in front of some of the gifts they have collected from donations at the Jump Highway in Fairfield, Sunday.  The Family is in it's second year of collecting gifts for local foster children.  (Daily Republic-Adam Smith)

The Riley 100 Challenge
Hosted by The Riley Kids

Article by Daily Republic:

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Coffee break with KUIC.

The crew enjoying a nice break with KUIC.

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Fundraiser coverage!

Watch for Us on the News !
A fundraiser was held in Jump Highway Fairfield to help the Officer Kenyon Youngstrom memorial fund !

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Fundraiser for family of officer youngstrom

Our hearts and prayers go out to the Family of California Highway Patrol officer Kenyon Youngstrom

In his honor Jump Highway Fairfield hold a fundraising event for his family Sunday the 9th from 10:00am till 8:00 PM.

Our thoughts and prayers will continue to go out to Officer Youngstrum’s family, his colleges and all the other brave men and women that protect us all each and every day!

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Reserve your Jumping Time!

Check our Facebook album

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Things are moving right along here at Jump Highway Fairfield!

The Granite’s been installed at the counter, the checkin computers are going in, the fencing is going in, the FOAM for the FOAM pits arrives Wednesday, Carpet is coming this week, and much much more is going one here at the Jump Highway. Its only another 12 days till the Trampoline Matts arrive and we will opening soon after.

If you havent already done so “like” us on Facebook and enter the contest for Prizes and Passes!

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